Signs It’s Time for Your First Prescription Eyeglasses




Our eyes deteriorate, sometimes on a faster rate and sometimes on a slower pace. You may have noticed young children with eyeglasses and adults who don’t need one. It all depends on various factors like your age, eating habits, hereditary conditions etc. In case you are experiencing certain symptoms like the ones listed below, you may want to get your eyes checked by your optometrist and get your first prescription eyeglasses.

  1. Regular Eye Strain & Headaches:

Many of us avoid getting our eyes checked in times of prolonged headaches, eye strain and fatigue. This can be a sign that you may have vision problems underway. This might be due to staring digital screens like mobiles, computers and laptops or because of reading closely from written materials. If you find yourself sitting too close to the screens or books to read/see well, you must go for an eye-test.


  1. Blurry & Double Vision:

One of the first signs of a vision problem is when you find it difficult to see what’s on the board 3-6 metres away from you or when reading your favorite magazines becomes hard. You might be developing myopia or hyperopia. In case you have blurred vision while seeing objects both far and near, this might be due to astigmatism. Double vision can be a symptom of cataract. Get your eyes checked at the earliest if you experience the same.


  1. Difficulty in Dark to Light Adjustments:

Eye-sensitivity can be linked with age. If you are experiencing some trouble while adjusting from light to dark medium or vice versa, like while entering a tunnel or exiting one, or driving on a highway at night – your eye muscles may be weakened. This can be dangerous if not treated in time. Contact your optometrist as soon as possible in case you are suffering from the same.


Apart from these, if you are experiencing additional symptoms like eye pressure, red eyes, wavy vision or sudden alteration in the sight, it’s a clear sign that you should be visiting your eye care specialist.

Once you get your prescription, it becomes imperative to get high-quality lenses and frames as they will become your vision’s companion for years to come. Find your perfect frame from a wide range of prescription eyeglasses options in various styles, shapes and colors from and welcome your new eyeglasses in style.


Branded Vs Non-Branded Eyeglasses Online Shopping

There is almost everything that online stores offer today. But one thing that was hard to believe to be shopped online is eyewear. Although, there is no denying the fact that retail stores do offer advantages but online platforms are no behind. Whether it is about wide range of styles, discounts, or anything, everything can be availed with online shopping. Renowned and small brands, all are available in the e-commerce space.

The only thing bothers is the concern about shopping from a big brand or a small one. Especially when it is about shopping eyeglasses online. For some brand is the first preference while for others, style and budget. But, the question is- is it really important to look for branded pair of eyeglasses over a non-branded one?

Well, for some, it will still be not. So, here are some advantages of choosing branded eyeglasses online and not a generic one.



In case of lesser known brands, you can’t be sure of the quality of your spectacles as most of them might not be made using high quality materials in manufacturing optical products. So, durability can be an issue. On the contrary, buying decently branded eyeglass frames can at least last long for a good amount of time and you don’t have to spend on your eyewear again and again.

Warranty Covered


Non-branded pairs don’t come with a warranty period. Which means, if you are buying them, you are investing money on a pair which might break or crack easily and you will have to again invest in a new pair. This is why branded eyeglasses are better as they allow you to save money in the long run.


In today’s times, you cannot differentiate between an inexpensive or a premium pair of spectacles just by looking at it. As, designer knockoffs and cheaper designs confuse customers as most of them look exactly the same as expensive pieces. And you end up buying these thinking they look so great and also don’t cost much.

These three are the major points of differences between branded and non-branded eyeglasses for men and women. So, it is up to you which one you want to buy. If you are someone who loves to experiment with new styles very frequently then you can shop eyeglasses online that are inexpensive.  With eyeglasses offers, you can manage to save a lot on premium and branded pair of eyeglass frames.

5 Tips for Choosing the Best Sunglasses for You!




Growing up my parents often asked me not to stay out in the sun for too long. There’s some truth to this as prolonged exposure to the sun can be damaging. In addition to being tanned the UV rays can harm your eyes. We don’t realize it when we are young but as the years go on it can potentially cause vision impairments.

But worry not, protecting your eyes is as simple as throwing on a pair of uv protection sunglasses and you are generally sorted. Wearing glasses is the best way to protect your vision from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun as well as prevent dust particles from entering into your eyes when you are outdoors on a daily basis.

The more I learnt about the benefits of wearing sunglasses on a daily basis the more I have begun to appreciate it in my life. I thought it was a great idea to share with you to help make it easy for you to choose the best sunglasses for yourself.

Keep these tips for buying sunglasses for men or women sunglasses and you will be able to get yourselves a good pair in no time!

Sunglasses with UV Protection


Always purchase uv protection sunglasses for yourself. If you are looking at prescription sunglasses you can get them with uv protection from a website such as CoolWinks. UV protective coating ensures safety against the harmful rays of the sun. It is easily available and online purchases ensure you get sunglasses from brands such as LA Express with 100% protection.

A wrap around sunglasses from Reebok is perfect to completely protect your eyes. Or you can opt for other styles available online. When you buy from these reputed brands of sunglasses you can be certain of getting an assured quality from the frame to the lenses and everything in between.

Choosing Sunglasses based on face shape


Our face shapes come in all sizes. The most common face shapes you can think of to buy sunglasses online for are round, oval, cat eye, square, heart, diamond and triangle. Sunglasses brands such as JRS Sunglasses and Foster Grant is famous for making sunglasses for these face shapes and more. You can find various frame shapes from these brands.

Sunglasses for face shape are specific to face shape and you need to carefully consider your purchase based on your needs.

Polarized and Transition lenses



These are my favorite on any sunglasses. I love my polarized Reebok sunglasses that I use when I’m out running. Polarized sunglasses reduce the glare from reflective surfaces such as concrete, sand, snow and water. If you are a beach bum and love swimming these glasses are perfect and safer over wearing contact lenses and swimming in the sea. There is no worry of any bacterial infection and you can often get the tint of your choice as well.

Photochromatic lenses on sunglasses are perfect if you prefer to wear eyeglasses frames which can be used indoors and outdoors. The lenses turn from transparent to dark tints as you go outdoors in the sun. This is due to a coating applied on it that works under UV rays of the sun.

Sunglasses Frame Materials


Always choose lighter frames for your polarized sunglasses made out of plastic or acetate. Even titanium frames will do but they are a bit more expensive than the first two. The reason is because it won’t strain you when during prolonged use. Some of the metallic frames tend to be heavy and cause strain and unpleasant dull pain when used for over 8-10 hrs at a stretch.

Choosing the right lens, tint and frame size


Always purchase lenses from brands from well-known brands. This ensures long life to your lenses and clear vision everyday. Having a clear sight reduces any scope of headaches caused by eye strain. It’s often advisable to select a tint that offers a near natural color of the environment around you. A grey tint is often recommended.

When your rectangle prescription sunglasses or retro square sunglasses you have to consider the options for size. Most sunglasses are available in the standard or medium size. Only some brands manufacture in small or larger sizes. Therefore, it’s best to buy from popular brands that cater to wider range of customer needs.

Benefits of Online shopping

Shopping online for sunglasses brands ensures you get various sunglasses offers at discounted prices. This ensure you save a lot of money when looking for a great pair of sunglasses for regular use. CoolWinks is often running discounts on sunglasses in India and you can get a killer deal at value for money prices on their website.

I hope these tips will help you in choosing the correct pair of sunglasses for yourself or purchasing as a gift for someone else.

How to Choose Flattering Eyeglass Frames According to Face Shapes


While choosing eyeglasses, it is often difficult to analyse which frame will be best suited on your face. Right? Without knowing what is perfect for you, you end up buying the wrong one, because then, the focus is majorly on color and style. Whether you are buying it for the first time or just upgrading the old one, always keep in mind that you need a shape that not only balances your face type but also enhances it to a level where you look just perfect and flawless. Coolwinks sells high quality eyeglasses with variety of shapes that exist in the eyewear industry.

If you are not aware of how to shop the right eyeglass frame for yourself, then here are some tips and recommendations that will make your task easy.

  1. Frames for a Round Face

 If you have a round face that is the most common face shape, you should go for cat-eye and angular shapes like rectangular and square that will take the attention away from the round silhouette, fuller cheeks and soft and curvy lines. Choosing such frames will create an illusion of length by highlighting your cheekbones and making your face look contoured.

  • Avoid wearing round eyeglasses, as they tend to make your face look even rounder.
  • Best shapes and styles: Square and rectangular. Retro square, pilot, oversized and cat-eye.
  1. Frames for an Oval and Oblong Face

An oval face shape is blessed with balanced features with chin narrower and slightly broader forehead. That is why; you can wear almost any kind of frame if you have an oval face. To be specific, choose eyeglasses with bold and geometric face shapes; square or rectangle and un-swept corners.

  • Avoid wearing oversized glasses or rounded shapes as they can break your face’s natural symmetry.
  • Best shapes and styles: Square and rectangular. Cat-eye and oversized.
  1. Frames for a Square Face

A face with straight silhouette and angular features is a square face. So, choose eyeglass frames that make them look a little round. The ideal ones will have slightly curved edges or those that sit high up of the nose. Wear round or oval glasses to soften your sharp features.

  • Avoid boxy shaped eyeglasses and thick acetate frames.
  • Best shapes and styles: Round and oval. Cat-eye and oversized frames and thin metal frames made in bronze, gold and silver are best.
  1. Frames for a Heart-Shaped Face

Another most common to round face is heart shaped face. It is characterized by a broader forehead, and narrow jawline and chin. When you choose glasses for such face type, the focus is mainly on diverting the attention away from the wider forehead and creating an illusion of broad chin. So, look for eyeglasses that have frames wider than your forehead or detailed end-points. Frames with low-set temples and curved edges are perfect.

  • Avoid dark colored eyes and frames with decorative temples and embellished tops. Say no to heavy browline frames.
  • Best shapes and styles: Classic Clubmaster and cat-eye frames.
  1. Frames for a Diamond-Shaped Face

Rarest of all face shapes, a diamond face features a narrow hairline and forehead and pointed chin whereas cheekbone area is widest. Buying glasses for such shape is the easiest as it features both- angular and curvy details. If you have a diamond face then choose wider frames and top-heavy glasses like semi-rimless styles and un-swept styles.

  • Avoid narrow frames and those having thin rim and too rounded in shape.
  • Best shapes and styles: Round and Oval. Cat-eye, pilot and Clubmaster.

3 Major Reasons to Shop Computer Glasses In India Online


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Are you leading a lifestyle, which requires you to work on digital screens for long? Or, are you experiencing strain on your eyes and focusing problems while working on computer? If you think prescription eyeglasses will help, then you should know that there are special computer glasses designed for computer users and people with CVS (computer vision syndrome). They reduce the chances of blurred vision and strained eyes, improve focus and maintain your eye health. You can buy computer glasses in India online available with top shopping sites.

When to Buy Computer Eyeglasses

While working on digital screens, if you experience any of these symptoms of CVS, then it is time to buy computer glasses that will offer a comfortable vision.

  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Eyestrain

Doesn’t matter if you wear prescription glasses or you do not need them at all, if you still experience some kind of discomfort while working on computer screen, it is an indication that you need to buy these special glasses for computer.

3 main reasons why you should consider buying a pair of computer eyeglasses are:

1. No More Glare

When you are working on any digital screen, the light bounces from the screen to your eyes, making it difficult for you to see properly. Not only this, but it also increases the variance between light and dark areas of the screen which causes a lot of discomfort to the pupils and eventually eyes. Go for anti-glare glasses for computer screen that feature a special coating that reduces the glare and its impact on your vision, and so, you see clear and better.

2. Correct Intermediate Vision

Computer screens are placed at an intermediate zone, i.e., 20-26 inches away from the user’s eyes. This means this zone is farther than reading distance and closer than driving. This is why prescription eyeglasses cannot correct your intermediate vision because they are designed for viewing near and distant zones. Therefore, this is where computer glasses come to rescue. You will find three types of lenses available in these eyeglasses.

  • Single Vision Lenses

Single vision lenses refer to a type that provides depth of view by relaxing the amount of accommodation needed to keep things in focus at the distance of digital screen. In addition, these lenses reduce eyestrain and blurred vision.

  • Occupational Progressive Lenses

No-line multifocal lenses that correct near and intermediate vision and distance vision to some extent.

  • Occupational Bifocal and Trifocal Lenses

Lined multifocal lenses offer larger vision for near and intermediate zones.

Online, you will find all types of special eyeglasses like reading eyeglasses, prescription eyeglasses and powered sunglasses.

3. No Slouching

To compensate to the mid-range vision, you lean forward, which affects your neck and back. If this continues for long, it can have disastrous results on your body and health. Hence, if you wear computer eyeglasses, you will see clearly without adjusting your posture to focus on the screen.

Online, there are so many options that you can choose while indulging in computer glasses online shopping. From rimless computer glasses to semi-rim and full rim frames, from classic shapes to funky cat-eye glasses and tortoise shell designs, there is so much to choose from. You can also opt for different types of coating on your lenses like anti reflection coating, photochromic lenses, tinted, etc.

Tip for buying cheap branded sunglasses online India



When I can buy cheap branded sunglasses online from my favorite brands it makes little sense to go hunting from one retail outlet to another. There are some great online retailers in India today specializing in branded sunglasses such as Coolwinks. They sell eyewear at discounted prices. I saw that I could buy branded sunglasses cheap here and gave it a shot.

With some searching I found an excellent LA Express Butterfly black sunglasses with upto 65% discount! How cool is that?

My overall experience was very good. Their customer care was helpful, delivery was quick and they only specialize in glasses for men and women. No headaches of dealing with support agents who are clueless about eyewear which is normal on most ecommerce websites and marketplaces.

Thus a valuable shopping lesson learnt:

  • Don’t worry about to skimping on quality when buying cheap branded sunglasses online if you are paying fair discounted prices at a reliable online store.
  • Go with a specialized online retailer when you are trying to buy branded sunglasses cheap and easily. It makes a world of a difference!

I hope this post will help you find the sunglasses you like. Please let me know in the comments about your favorite branded sunglasses online India.

Top 10 Branded Sunglasses Online India in 2016


Don’t you love your sunnies? I mean who doesn’t? Anyone who loves their eyes wants to keep them safe from the harmful rays of the sun as well as look good. Whenever I’m out I always keep my sunglasses with me. If you love wearing branded sunglasses and wanted to know how to buy sunglasses for men and women, then I’ve written this article just for you.

I love my brands. They are not only great for projecting a good image but most of them are updated with the latest fashion trends. Sunglasses are not any different.

If you like shopping online just as much as I do, then at some point you may have searched for some cheap branded sunglasses online. It’s only natural as online shopping has become a rage these days.

So let me share with you the top 10 branded sunglasses online India today!

1. Foster Grant Signature Sunglasses


Foster Grant is the world’s oldest sunglasses maker. These guys have been around since 1929. Founded by Sam Foster, an American who wanted to make the best sunglasses for men and women. Foster Grant sunglasses had recently introduced their signature collection which finally made its way to India. Simply gorgeous and one of the cheap branded sunglasses online!

2. Ray ban Sunglasses


Ray ban was also founded in the USA back in the 1930s and is almost synonymous with Aviator frame style of sunnies. I have a pair myself that I use frequently. One of the world’s most celebrated eyewear brand. It isn’t very cheap but the quality is good for sure!

3. Oakley Sunglasses


Many athletes consider these a gift from God. Who wouldn’t love these sunnies! They are fantastic in the way they look and feel on you. A bit pricey but if you love shopping branded sunglasses online India then you can hope to add this into your collection someday.

4. Reebok Sunglasses


Did you know that Reebok makes and sells some excellent quality cheap branded sunglasses online? Well I didn’t until a few months ago. Now that Reebok sunglasses online shopping has become a reality I found out that this celebrated high-performance sporting brand also sells excellent eyewear. A quick research of their best sellers and I found that Reebok sunglasses aviator online shopping is very popular as their products are affordable and extremely good value for money.

Wouldn’t you want to save some money when you shop? I know that I do!

5. Revlon Sunglasses


One of the most favored cosmetic brands for women also makes some of the finest designer sunglasses for men. A celebrated brand for personal care items Revlon is popular across the world. Newly launched line of Revlon sunglasses are gaining popularity amongst its rivals. They range is a bit limited in comparison to few other big names in my list but the brand ranks for its quality.

Would you like to gift me one?

6. Maui Jim Sunglasses


Another personal favorite. I love island hopping and what better doing it than when wearing Maui Jim sunglasses. These were developed on the island of Maui Jim are one of the most popular beach wear sunglasses. It’s high quality and widely available.

7. Gucci Sunglasses


Lovely handbags complement those stylish designer sunglasses from Gucci. Made for the discerning buyer, the Italian company makes great sun shades keeping in mind the quality and exotic styles demanded by its customers. They have a beautiful collection for 2016 now available in India.

8. Burberry Sunglasses


British love their luxury items more than anyone else and Britain is where this iconic brand resides. From its trademark coats to its eyewear. Burberry is known for its quality and elegance. I’m saving up to own one of these very soon! Not affordable like other cheap branded sunglasses online but definitely on my wishlist!

9. Versace Sunglasses


For glamorous and bold women who love flaunting their luxurious lifestyles —Versace sunglasses are on every woman’s wishlist. Their 2016 range is fantastic. Versace has defined the fashion industry and it’s no different when it comes to their high quality range of sunglasses.

10. LA Express Sunglasses


A relatively new kid on the block but some incredibly amazing sunglasses at affordable prices. It was founded in 2012 in Los Angeles —fashion hub in the west coast of USA. LA Express sunglasses online shopping is a great way to save money and buy some of the trendiest eyewear on the market today.

Top 5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Eyeglasses Online


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It goes without saying that most of the spectacle wearers focus on buying an eye-catching pair which is also a reflection of their personality. That means, it serves two primary purposes- one for vision correction and another one for enhancing the style. Both women and men these days prefer to go with the latest technology, designs and shapes in eyeglasses to look attractive see better. That is because; a lot of inspiration comes from street fashion and celebrity fashion. But, how will you know that the glasses which you are buying online are perfect for you? If you keep in mind these 5 tips, you will never have a trouble selecting the correct ones.

1.Know your Purpose


While the primary purpose of buying spectacles is to improve your vision, other specific things help you buy the right pair. Like, whether you are an office-goer and looking for a more subtle design, a college student who wants a loud style or an artsy person who needs a statement pair of eyeglasses. Also, keep on mind your daily routine when planning to buy one. If you hit the gym daily, you need a tight fitting pair that does not slip off while you are running or lifting weights. Online, you can also choose eyeglasses according to a theme- sporty, vintage, classic, funky and versatile. is one great online shopping portal, which deals in top class and newest designs in eyeglasses for both men and women.

2.Keep your Face Shape in Mind


Following celebrities is good but not in every aspect. A cat-eye frame might not look as good on you as it looks on your favorite star. Here, you need to consider your face shape while selecting a frame. Because remember, it reflects your personality.

  • For a round shaped face, choose frames that have wider than tall lenses and nose pads which will keep the frames slightly away from the cheeks.
  • If you have a square face, choose round frames that are thinner and in neutral colors.
  • To complement an oval shaped face, bold shaped frames featuring peppy colors and appropriate size to maintain the balance are the best.
  • If you are on a lookout for frames for heart-shaped face, opt for frames that are as wide as the forehead and in preferably lighter colors.

Wearing the wrong shape can ruin your looks and will not have a positive impact on others who are around you.

3.Comfort and Performance


Anything you buy whether clothes, shoes, or accessories, should offer two most important features- comfort and fit and that is how you feel confident and perform better. In case of eyewear, if these two conditions are fulfilled, you do not have to worry about the performance. When you say fit- it is all about bridge fit which ensures comfort to the wearer, and then comes adjustable and rubberized nose pads and temples that ensure enhanced grip. These two are must-haves in your new pair of glasses.

4.Knowledge of Lenses


Choose the right lens types and you will never face any discomfort in your vision. Here are a few main types that you can consider:

  • Digital Lenses– Eliminate distortion and ideal for bigger lenses, higher prescriptions, and wrapped eyeglass frames.
  • Polarized Lenses– These lenses reduce glare from light by blocking it from entering your eyes, creating too much blinking and discomfort.
  • Light-Reactive Lenses– Also known as Transitions® lenses, these are special types of lenses that change their color based on the amount of light.

5.Choices in Lens Coatings


In addition to above features, if you get the right lens coatings especially anti-reflective coating, you will have an amazing experience when it comes to quality vision. Because, the reflections caused on your lenses while you are in sunlight, driving at night or working on a digital screen, can cause eyestrain, leading to poor vision. In addition, they do not make you feel that you are actually wearing spectacles.

You can choose tinted lenses, mirror-coated lenses having a shiny finish that reduce harsh bright glare, anti-reflective coating that give a crisp and clear vision and lastly, scratch-coating which ensures durability of your lenses.

Although there are other deciding factors like knowing your pupil distance and your vision type, but these are top 5 points that you should keep in mind when planning to buy a new pair of eyeglasses.

6 Tips to Buy the Best Eyeglasses for Your Face


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Whenever I go shopping with my friends they look at eyeglasses and wonder how to go about buying one. Recently I had someone write to me asking the same question. Styling yourself happens at multiple levels and a good pair of eyeglasses can do wonders to your style. You can look great and it can add a great outlook to your personality.

Eyeglasses have been around for hundreds of years and are one of the simplest ways to correct your vision and give yourself a great ocular clarity. Primitive eyeglasses were invented in the 12th century somewhere in Italy. Over the centuries, it became the most preferred personal accessory for anyone. Not just for correcting your vision in the early days but for getting that perfect look in modern times.

Today I will share some tips for purchasing the best pair of eyewear from different eyeglasses brands available in the country.

Eyeglasses Frame Materials

Eyewear frames are available in various materials and their construction has been revolutionized over the past century. You can now buy frames that are made using various materials such as plastic, metal combinations, titanium and acetate. You can buy cat eye glasses with flexible hinges which allows a better fit around your temples.

Full rim glasses are available in various materials. Plastic and titanium glasses are the lightest while some metals can feel heavier. It’s always a good idea to wear eyewear which is light in weight. If you have a sensitive skin opt for eyewear made of acetate. Acetate material is not only more durable than standard plastic but also hypoallergenic and ergo safe to use for anyone with any type of sensitive skin.

Eyeglasses frames styles


Eyeglasses are available in various shapes and sizes. You can get round eyeglasses for roughly the same price as rimless or half frame glasses. That makes them perfect for anyone looking for versatility in their personal styling. You can get various frame shapes that match face shapes such as heart, triangle, round, oval and square.

Computer eyeglasses


Computer glasses are now commonly used by anyone who spends long hours at the computer. These glasses are perfect as they reduce strain on your eyes from prolonged staring at the blue light emitting computer screen. Eyeglasses for computer users come with anti-reflective coating to reduce the glare from the screen and are available on online at reasonable prices.

Prescription eyewear


People who need powered eyeglasses can opt for prescription lenses with their frame of choice. For most eyeglasses frames you can have prescription eyeglasses in them. You can also get them from eyeglasses brands such as EBD Eyeglasses, Graviate Eyeglasses etc.

Photochromatic eyeglasses


These are eyeglasses which have photochromic lenses which go darker outdoors under the sun and transparent indoors. The lens have special coating which enables this light transient properties. They are perfect if you prefer to wear prescription eyewear and don’t wish to change between sunglasses outdoors and eyeglasses indoors

Eyeglasses offers in India


Wearing eyeglasses for men in the middle ages indicated you are intelligent and full of wisdom. Women eyeglasses also became popular around the same time. Now eyeglasses face shape is easily purchased online with dedicated digital eyeglasses shops such as CoolWinks selling them at a discounted price has enabled millions of Indians to buy eyeglasses online and more at affordable prices.

These online eyeglasses offers have made it easier to shop online than ever before. You can get extremely good value for money deals on various eyewear brands online. It’s easier today than ever before to shop for eyewear online than waste time trying to shop in a brick and mortar store.

Pondicherry- the land of spiritual bliss

Pondicherry is the place to be if you are looking for some serenity and solitude during your holiday. The best way to travel to Pondicherry is via bus from Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. There is frequent service of Chennai to Pondicherry bus and the tickets can also be booked online. You can opt for the AC bus tickets as that will make your journey comfortable.

Chennai Place

Pondicherry Place

The bus service that ferries from Chennai to Pondicherry is very cheap in terms of the tickets and the service provided is also excellent. There are several buses ferrying to and from Chennai at a frequent interval of 30 minutes. Thus finding the bus for a ride at your convenience is no big deal at all. You can opt for the bus reservation online from the comfort and the luxury of your home and get the tickets delivered to your mail id within minutes of your booking.

There are several locations from where you can board the Chennai to Pondicherry bus. The choice of bus coaches is also great ranging from the regular to the Volvo, AC and the non AC etc. The AC bus tickets are well within the affordable range. Once you hop on to the bus for a ride, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Chennai in the form of palm, banana and the coconut trees, the coastal landscapes and also the Bay of Bengal. The highway through which the bus travels is very well maintained and thus the journey is a smooth one.

Pondicherry is a unique place, just perfect for a visit, especially if you are spiritual in nature. The climate in Pondicherry is always soothing at a range of below 30 degrees all throughout the year. The place is located in three states, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu which makes it a geographically wonderful place. It used to be a French colony earlier and at present is one of the union territories of India. The life style of the people still shows some connection to the French till date via the architecture and the culture of the place. The museum at Pondicherry is also a big attraction for the tourists visiting from the rest of the world. A part of the museum is dedicated to the archaeological findings from Arikamedu, which were originally of the roman settlement and another part of the museum boasts of an excellent sculpture gallery.

Ac Bus

There is also a French segment inside the museum that talks about the history of the French colony in Pondicherry. There is also an amazing collection of the snail shells from Pondicherry in the museum. Pondicherry is well connected with the rest of India but the best way to travel to this place is via the bus service. It is easy to opt for the bus reservation online and since the bus service is frequent, there are ample AC bus tickets available. Thus it is really not a big deal to travel to Pondicherry this summer.