Pondicherry- the land of spiritual bliss

Pondicherry is the place to be if you are looking for some serenity and solitude during your holiday. The best way to travel to Pondicherry is via bus from Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. There is frequent service of Chennai to Pondicherry bus and the tickets can also be booked online. You can opt for the AC bus tickets as that will make your journey comfortable.

Chennai Place

Pondicherry Place

The bus service that ferries from Chennai to Pondicherry is very cheap in terms of the tickets and the service provided is also excellent. There are several buses ferrying to and from Chennai at a frequent interval of 30 minutes. Thus finding the bus for a ride at your convenience is no big deal at all. You can opt for the bus reservation online from the comfort and the luxury of your home and get the tickets delivered to your mail id within minutes of your booking.

There are several locations from where you can board the Chennai to Pondicherry bus. The choice of bus coaches is also great ranging from the regular to the Volvo, AC and the non AC etc. The AC bus tickets are well within the affordable range. Once you hop on to the bus for a ride, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Chennai in the form of palm, banana and the coconut trees, the coastal landscapes and also the Bay of Bengal. The highway through which the bus travels is very well maintained and thus the journey is a smooth one.

Pondicherry is a unique place, just perfect for a visit, especially if you are spiritual in nature. The climate in Pondicherry is always soothing at a range of below 30 degrees all throughout the year. The place is located in three states, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu which makes it a geographically wonderful place. It used to be a French colony earlier and at present is one of the union territories of India. The life style of the people still shows some connection to the French till date via the architecture and the culture of the place. The museum at Pondicherry is also a big attraction for the tourists visiting from the rest of the world. A part of the museum is dedicated to the archaeological findings from Arikamedu, which were originally of the roman settlement and another part of the museum boasts of an excellent sculpture gallery.

Ac Bus

There is also a French segment inside the museum that talks about the history of the French colony in Pondicherry. There is also an amazing collection of the snail shells from Pondicherry in the museum. Pondicherry is well connected with the rest of India but the best way to travel to this place is via the bus service. It is easy to opt for the bus reservation online and since the bus service is frequent, there are ample AC bus tickets available. Thus it is really not a big deal to travel to Pondicherry this summer.

Diwali: Festival of Lights



Diwali 7Many people immediately think of Halloween and Christmas when it comes to winter holidays, but in Hindu culture there’s another major winter holiday that can’t be missed – Diwali. Diwali is also known as the festival of lights, and is celebrated by millions of people around the world. This year it falls on October 23rd. Find out more in All About Diwali! Diwali 2 Diwali 3 What is Diwali? Diwali originated in India as a celebration of light, in fact the world Diwali comes from “deepavali”, meaning “row of lamps.” It is traditionally celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Buddhists and Sikhs, although over the years it has been incorporated into many different cultures around the world. It is known as the festival of lights because in celebration people light many small clay lamps called “diyas” around their homes to represent the victory of good over evil and to invite good luck and prosperity from the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi and the God Ganesh, who represents good luck, wealth and enlightenment. Diwali 4 Diwali 5 How to Celebrate For Hindus this is one of the most important days of the year, and it involves spending time with family and performing traditional activities. Families clean their homes from top to bottom so that when the lamps are lit it will be suitable for the Goddess of wealth and knowledge, Lakshmi, to enter their home and bless them with good fortune for the upcoming year, as well as the God of good luck, Ganesh. Traditional families will make an offering to the goddess of fruit, rice pudding, flowers and other assorted gifts. To offer these goods the family performs a “puja,” which involves saying sacred words and singing. Unlike Western holidays, it’s also considered very important to refrain from eating meat and drinking alcohol in honor of the divine spirits being invited into your home. Diwali 6 Diwali '07 Traditionally every home will set out tiny clay pots with wicks and oil all around their home, and in places where Diwali is a national holiday public places are also lit up with lots of beautiful candles and lamps. Some families exchange gifts and make a big dinner for family and friends Diwali Fun Facts! Diwali is a national holiday in India, Trinidad & Tobago, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Guyana, Surinam, Singapore, Malaysia and Fiji. Diwali is the beginning of the financial year for Indian businesses Diwali marks the end of the harvest season in India Diwali-1 Have Your Say Do you celebrate Diwali? Let us know in the comments section below.

Flight Service, Now Easy On Price

Cost efficiency is a significant characteristic of contemporary commercial sector. But it is equally important to maintain the high standards for service quality to maintain a huge clientele. The aviation sector in India is all about providing world-class service quality conforming to a reasonable budget range. With the advent of super fast internet technology, searching for reasonably-priced flights has become as easy as anything. The resourceful travel agencies and online travel portals make sure that the customers can easily access the services being offered. The lucrative offers being offered on this platform makes sure that the information gap between clients and vendors gets bridged in a flawless manner.


Hence the expensive prices of flights need not be an obstacle to your dream vacations anymore. The venue and the itinerary is no more an issue with the expanding empire of online travel portals. Be it a domestic or international destination, an organized trip can be planned within minutes with an efficient travel agency. A large number of international and national flights are routed on a regular basis to maintain easy connectivity around the globe. This arrangement makes sure that the tourists can commute uninterrupted from one corner of the world to another. More and more people are switching to air travel with cheap airfare and easy booking facility.

The travel agencies have gone online to increase their visibility in the market that is a positive factor for customers. The large-scale reach and easy access are the two factors that make internet the life and soul of travel sector. Various attractive offers are launched every now and then to improve the incoming page traffic that directly translates to profit for the respective travel service. This offers an instant and economical solution to various prospective customers browsing the internet for similar travel packages. People planning to have a wonderful weekend with friends and family can easily get easy flight bookings to their favorite destination without putting in much effort.

Airliness Tickets

Domestic Flights Tickets India

The discounts being offered by different portals may vary but a competitive price is maintained to as to beat the market competition and become a strong contender in travel market. The simplicity of online flight booking is the key its popularity among people nowadays. All it takes is just a few minutes of browsing and comparison before one can finally book a light to the required destination. There is a simple form where one can describe their flight booking specifications and their tickets get booked accordingly. The basic options given in almost all such query forms is related to the time and place of departure, destination and the details of return ticket, if required. Within few second of processing of this query from, an electronic receipt will be generated giving us a valid proof of our online booking. Cheap airfare has contributed tremendously in making air travel as popular as it is comfortable. Economy class and business class are the two main classes that are available on a flight to suit the comfort level as required by you.

The prudent pricing of air tickets have boosted the Indian aviation industry immensely. Better infrastructure and excellent marketing techniques have managed to make airline service in India hotcake in Indian market. Both government and private sector airlines are providing world-class airline facility to customers at unbelievable prices.

Enjoy Life on the Go with Chennai-Singapore Airlines

Air travel to international destinations is quite tricky in terms of price and flight service selection. However, International airlines make the entire travel planning process seem like child’s play. Air travel is on its way to become the most popular transportation medium in India. Airports are present in almost all the prominent regions within India. Significant reasons of this widespread popularity are affordable air-fare and good connectivity. Reinforced airway infrastructure makes air travel as feasible as any other transportation facility within the country. The infrastructural development plays a fundamental role in making airways easily accessible to the people. Various flights take off for the same air route every single day so as to make sure that people get sufficient service.

Singapore Airlines

Online travel portals make sure that we get the best service in least price. Money-saver offers on flight bookings are broadcasted instantly on these portals. The airline sector and online portals co-exist. This increases the page traffic on these websites. This promotes the overall sale of specific airlines too. This entire commercial activity works in the best interest of visiting online customers. The passengers also save a fortune by availing these heavy discounts. The range of portals available online makes sure that customers have freedom of choice. Cost-efficiency without compromising on performance is the key to rule the current aviation sector. Being just efficient is not good enough to become a popular airline service nowadays. The online air-ticket booking portals provide cheapest international air tickets for national and international flights every now and then. The air transportation in India has made even long-distance travel quite comfortable for people.

Some people travel quite frequently. These flying routine may arise due to business-related commitments. Globetrotters travel to far off places as a hobby too. Frequent flier card comes quite handy in such cases. This card makes sure that the regular commuters of a specific airline get special discounts on their air travel expenses. The reason for travel can range from work to leisure. The flier card is applicable to both international as well as domestic flights. It is quite simple to utilize this card for saving a great deal while traveling by air. These air miles can be encased whenever required. The passengers earn air-miles with every air-ticket they book. The passengers get considerable rebates on their air-fare by using these air miles during payment process. Such tickets are not restricted by any immediate validity constraint. Hence these tickets can be accumulated for a while and used later on.


Well-developed infrastructure for air travel throughout Indian subcontinent offers ample opportunities to young entrepreneurs for capitalizing on this lucrative business opportunity. Consequently, an entire fleet of economy airline services have been launched in travel market. Flights from Chennai to Singapore connect both the destinations effortlessly for the passengers. As target market in current times of globalization India has always been recipient of best technological and commercial evolution taking place worldwide. Such trends have helped Indian denizens in maintaining an updated account of the latest market trends and judge well that how their domestic counterparts are performing back in India. Proper infrastructure complete with airports and proper runways are available in almost all the Indian state.


Have a vacation filled with adventure

Start your holiday just by booking your air tickets before so that you can enjoy the whole period of holidays without any tension with your family. Book flight tickets from the place you start to your destination long with the return tickets at any time through the online service. The entire airway services offer e-tickets which can be booked by any time of the day and this comforts every individual as they can plan a vacation at any time.

Air Arabia flights

Air Arabia airlines provide a special package to all its travelers so one can drop a visit to the Arabian Peninsula. Explore the beauty of Arabia, as this place is the destination for most of the tourists who love to enjoy the birds, flora and fauna as it has a unique nature. People feel this to be like paradise as it holds a diverse nature between the open desert and valleys.

The natural environment and the flowing water all the oases attract every tourist where some can get a chance of swimming and recreation. All the oases are full of the palm trees and several green orchards that can fill the heart of a nature lover with joy and happiness. There are also places that are natural and are very much suitable for the wildlife. Even the one who loves to enjoy the aquatic life can enjoy the warm under water. Also enjoy the green cover on the mountains and the deserts full of sand dunes where people often enjoy by skiing in the sand, car and camel rides. Without seeing the beauty of the caves no one can complete their trip to Arabia as these are the adventure filled places.



Your trip to the Arabian Peninsula will be fun filling along with adventurous as one can enjoy diving, fishing, rides on cars, camels, sand skiing, horse riding and many more. Everyone who is excited to play golf and equestrian sports can enjoy the place for a holiday as there are several professionals at the place.

One more interesting fact that attracts the attention of every tourist is the historical antiques of Arabia. The Riyadh attractions are full of several monuments also there is a national museum which offers a display of several majestic things. One can even see the beauty of the Caravan Road, historical Jeddah, harbor, Beds Hamra Palace, Okhdood, Al- Hawas Palace and many more. The facility of transportation is very pleasing and all the places are well connected with each other.


Zoos, amusement parks, gardens, beaches are the most popular places and this place holds few theme parks which attract each and everyone. One can taste the best food ever which includes chicken and meat which are the essential and the main part of the Arabian food. Even one can enjoy shopping here as this place is full of several kinds of shopping malls, recreation halls, lobbies and many more. This place totally offers fun and entertainment for the entire family so book your international air tickets to this place and enjoy the fun offered by the beautiful holiday destination.



Chennai- the traveler’s delight


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Travel 1

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu. It is an attractive tourist destination for the tourists visiting from different parts of the globe. It is the largest city in the entire south of India and one of the four metro cities in India.

Chennai Travel

Although city has had the influence of the British culture for 350 years, it has yet retained its conventional culture since it was the center for the Pallavan culture much before the British rule. Chennai has also been the crown of the Dravidian culture and civilization. The climate is Chennai is almost always hot and humid. And thus the best time to visit Chennai is during the winter months.

Some of the places worth visiting in Chennai are described in brief below:

Marina Beach Chennai

The Marina Beach- this is the beach which attracts people from all over the world. This is the largest beach of the country and worth a visit. Next in the itinerary is the St George’s Fort that was constructed in 1653. The oldest Anglican church of India, St Mary’s, Sri Parthasarathy Temple and also the Kapileshwara temple are worth a visit on a Chennai sightseeing tour.

The Chennai tour package also include the other tourist attractions like the Meenaxi temple, Mahabalipuram, the Santhome Cathedral that was built on the tomb of the apostle of St Thomas etc. The snake park located inside the Guindy national Park, Raj Bhavan estate also has a huge collection of different species of snakes and reptiles and is worth visiting.

Chennai is also the leader of the Theosophical Movement and it is head quartered at Adyar. It was founded by Colonel Olcott and Madam Blavatsky in 1882. You can also visit this place and learn more about the movement. When you opt for the Chennai tour packages, depending on your budget and also your duration of the trip, you can include many other tourist places that are in the vicinity of Chennai like the temple tours from Mamallapuram, Kanchipuram, Thanjavur, Rameshwaram, Tiruchirapalli and Chidambaram. In fact, Thanjavur is also the birth place of the dance form Bharatnatyam.

big mosque in Chennai

If you are a littlee spiritually inclined, you can visit the big mosque in Chennai that is located in the Janbazar of Triplicane along the Wallajah road. The kandaswamy temple is located in Cheyyur and is worth a visit. The Ayyappan temple in Anna Nagar is one of the land marks in Chennai. It is home to the Panchaloka idol of the Ayyappan and also hosts other deities like Ganesha, Durga, Anjaneyar and Muruga.

Apart from the spiritual journey, you can also choose some solitude and serenity while on a Chennai sightseeing tour. Visit Kovalum Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Chennai while on a tour of the city. It was built by Nawab of the Karnatic. It was also once the French hub in India. In simple words, Chennai is a delight for the travelers belonging to different parts of the world. Thus if you are planning for a trip to South India, you can start with Chennai as a base and tour the entire south of India.

Book your tickets at reasonable price

Now-a-days people seem to be very interested and eager in travelling abroad. Be it any location worldwide, people love to spend their vacations luxuriously. So, there is always a hunt of new place for spending a fun fill vacation always going on. You may find people talking to their friends and family about their vacations in different places like malls, offices, markets etc. People are interested in knowing about new places and like to visit them whenever they get a chance to do so. No one wishes to leave a chance and opportunity of travelling abroad. These days due to increase of business opportunities, people get to visit such international locations easily. There are huge investment and other business and job opportunities that are available internationally. Cheap international air tickets play a major role for people travelling abroad. One of the places where people are seen to travel in large numbers internationally is Moscow.

International air tickets

Moscow is the most populous city of Russia. It is also the capital city of Russia and because of this reason you may find people living a busy life here. Moscow is a city which has political and scientific centers in Russia. It is also considered to be the major economical and cultural center of Russia. This city is said to have one of the beautifully constructed airports. Flights from all over the world land here. So, this airport is also too busy all during the day.

There are different airlines these days that provide many flights from Delhi to Moscow. Since there is a lot of competitions among various airlines available, people tend to get great services at very reasonable prices. The timely services of these airlines also help the passengers to choose the best option for them. You can easily get the tickets booked by a click. You can sit online and in just a few minutes you get to book your international tickets. These airlines may also provide good discounts on the air fares and also may help you to get a good deal on hotels and restaurants in the city. This way you also get familiar with the different options that you may get in the city.

International flights tickets

Moscow is a place which has a great night life and a very friendly culture. You will find a homelike environment in the city. People are helpful and eager to serve the visitors from different places. So this is a place worth visiting for. Cheap international air tickets also contribute in adding an advantage to invite people from all over the world. People also like to visit this place for their vacations with their near and dear ones. Cheap flights from Delhi to Moscow help people to enjoy at the fullest. These flights are available at different timings. You can book that one according to your ease and convenience. You can get to visit this city of supremacy at cheap air fares with different airlines available these days. Additional discounts may be available at various festivals and holidays. So if you truly like to visit Moscow you should keep a close eye on the air fares and hopefully your trip would be just around the corner.

cheap International air tickets

The Best of Hyderabad


Nagpur is an important city in Maharashtra, to be called as second capital of Maharashtra and is popularly known as the ‘orange city’. Nagpur is one of the fastest growing cities in India with number of important industries, universities, tourist places, and for the fact that it has preserved the culture of Maharashtra in the best way possible. If there’s any city to be similar to the features of Nagpur, then no doubt Hyderabad is the city that takes over. The distance between these two cities is 492 kilometers, which is like 7 hours approximately. Due to online bus booking, with the help of ‘bus book online’ facility, getting a Nagpur to Hyderabad bus is just a click away.
For Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad contributes highest in terms of Gross domestic Product and even tax and revenue payment. It is the home to many leading industries. Also major universities like Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, University of Hyderabad, Gandhi Medical College, and many other universities reside in Hyderabad.

Talking about tourism in Hyderabad, Charminar is the place that comes to the minds of people. Hyderabad is known for Charminar, which was built during the period of 1500 century. The four minars (pillars) of Charminar are of the height of about 50 meters. The place is known for its architectural work, where it has around 45 prayer places and a mosque inside it. Charminar gets the best of its beauty when it is illuminated by lamps at nights; those lamps amplify its beauty to infinity, it is a not-to-miss sight for tourists.

Hyderabad main

Hyderabad more or less depicts about the Mughal rule, which is best seen at tourist places like the Golconda Fort, where the sound and light shows are held, the Qutub Shahi Tombs, where the entire family of Qutub Shahi has been buried, the Nizam’s Silver Jubilee Museum, famous for the ancient coin collection, the Chow Mohalla Palace, which has four palaces inside it where one of them is a two storey palace and the others are single storey, the palace is huge, with greenery and even a fountain, the palace is carved beautifully to take you back in the Mughal period, and the cherry on the top turns to be interesting stories of the kings and queens who used to live in these palaces. ‘Bus book online’ service has helped a lot of tourists to book tickets with great ease and comfort.

Another attraction of Hyderabad is Birla Mandir, the temple of Lord Venkateshwara, which is made of white marble, and from this temple you can have a beautiful view of Hussain Sagar Lake, which won’t fail to blow your mind. Also you cannot miss the fun at Hussain Sagar Lake, where you can enjoy boating and water sports, with the Buddha Statue in middle of the lake. Then for getting pearls and the beautiful Hyderabadi bangles, you should head to Laad Baazar. So, the culture and the fun of Hyderabad are just seconds away with online bus booking for a Nagpur to Hyderabad Bus.

Hyderabad Bus

The moment to Explore South India

I had just finished my exams, when I was called by my granny way long in Karnataka, desperately waiting for my arrival. Without wasting any time, I began my search and started covering the best bus services all over the web. I came across this Orange Tours & Travels, which offered a wide variety of options when it comes to comfort. While we moved to south, in the AC sleeper bus, the first to mark in our journey was the state of Karnataka. The Karnataka city is bordered by the Arabian Sea at the west, the Maharashtra to the north, the state of Andhra Pradesh to its east, Tamil Nadu to the south east, and Kerala to the city’s south west side. Who wouldn’t love reading at the abode of the Hubli River, which is next to granny home. I am indeed so fortunate of being a part of this place, whose name translates into sheer poetry. Hubli comes from ‘Hubbali’ which means flowering creeper, and blossomed as this city. This city is also an upcoming industrial centre. The Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is a attraction which is often visited by many and is worth too. A heritage from the Chalukyan times, the town is hardly far from Karnataka.

Ac Sleeper Bus 2

If still unsatisfied with this visit, head to the city of Bangalore, the state capital. This place, an IT hub, clean-evergreen environment, has a pleasant weather all round the year, is an English city where everyone understands the privileges they are bestowed with. The Victoria Layout and the Richmond Town are the famous avenues. Among the monuments, the prominent ones are the Tipu’s Palace, the ISKCON Temple, the Bangalore Palace, the Attara Kacheri, the Bull Temple, and the St. Mary’s Basilica.

On the coast, also known as the maritime city is a pleasant and convenient stop between Goa and Kerala. This seaport and a ship building centre has many narrow, winding streets loaded with coconut palms, beautiful beaches, temples, quaint houses, and its old world charm. Widely known this city is a great exporter of cashews, coffee and also different variety of spices. Among the religious places, the Someshwar Temple, the Mangala Devi Temple, the Kadri Manjunatha Temple, the Jumma Masjid are prominent. Among other attractions here, is the Shreemanthi Bai Memorial Government Museum with wooden carvings. If you are a nature enthusiast, the Pilikula Nisagardhama Park that is at a 12km from Mangalore has boating facilities, wildlife safari, mini aquariums and a science centre.

Overall, I definitely had a wonderful and a splendid vacation from mumbai to Karnataka, enjoying the cozy comfort in the AC sleeper bus. Henceforward I will make it a point to look forward of bus services like Orange Tours & Travels which in turn will provide me with the best experiences in my memo. Not only this place, but also think for exploring the other places of country too.

Spend a holiday in the city that never sleeps


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Enjoy a beautiful holiday in the city that never sleeps Mumbai the capital of the Indian state Maharashtra and the commercial capital of the country. Get your domestic tickets booking through online as all the airline services provide an opportunity to book a ticket online. There are a number of benefits of book flight tickets online as you need not depend on anyone to get your task complete. Before going on for a holiday booking tickets will be the biggest task so you can choose the internet to get all your bookings.


Move to the fast city Mumbai and enjoy seeing the city all around the day as the city turns more fascinating in the night times. There are a number of places to visit in the city which includes the gateway of India, Malabar Hills, Colaba, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Marine Drive and many more which stand as a symbol of art and architecture. Not only the constructions and the landmarks the city is also most popular to have several recreational centers and the parks. Though the city is full of traffic that buzzes all around the connectivity of the places is also simple as there is a proper means of transportation in the city.

This place is a paradise for the food lovers and even the people who have a sweet tooth. No one can step out of the city without tasting the delicacies that are served. One can drown in the sweets that are made out of the milk, cream sugar and several dry fruits and nuts making it to be a classy dish. Several regional sweets and even the tastes of other states are even available here for the people who love to have their favorites can enjoy eating the tasty ones.

The stall on the streets even offers a mouth watering food in Mumbai which includes the fresh grilled treats, spicy chat items, kebabs and many more tikka rolls and other snack dishes. Not only the food on the streets but the cuisines and other restaurants provide the best food ever tasted which has several varieties of north Indian food, Punjabi Khana and many international flavors in its menu. Seafood and other non vegetarian dishes will be a feast for all the non vegetarian lovers.

Air !

Depending on your budget you will get the best hotel to stay in during the time of your vacation and this place has the most expensive accommodation in India. One can get a wonderful experience in staying in Mumbai for a vacation by seeing all the important monuments and the historic places. Also enjoy the sightseeing of the Lion and Tiger Safari along with the bird watching at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Also one can enjoy the pleasant evenings at water world and the Essel world which offer a good fun for the entire family. To spend a fabulous holiday book your ticket in Delhi Mumbai flights and enjoy your vacation in the city that never sleeps for a few days.