Domestic Flights OfferThe concept of low cost airline carrier is catching on and it has bought a whole new meaning to the aviation sector and air travel. Earlier, air travel was only for the rich and the privileged people but it is not now so. Now even people from the stature of middle class background can fly off to their chosen destination instead of traveling by the more time consuming carriers like train and bus, that too at really cheaper rates.

The concept of low cost airlines was only to attract customers from all walks of life thereby increasing the revenue in business was the original perspective of the airliners. However this concept has caught on with the public and in such a manner that now it is really not much of a big deal to obtain the tickets to the cheap domestic flights in India.

Since there are several low cost air lines companies in the aviation sector, it is also imperative to say that the competition is high and stiff. This of course has proven to be extremely beneficial for the customers since the competition has bought down the ticket prices to an all time lower rate. Thus now, obtaining the cheap domestic flights in India is as easy as it can get.

For instance, if you wish to fly domestic and want to catch the Mumbai to Coimbatore flights, there are several low cost flying companies that provide frequent flights to both these cities. Mumbai is always a busy metropolis and the commercial capital of India, Coimbatore on the other hand is a traveler’s delight. Thus even if you are planning for a leisure trip or a business trip between these two cities, catching the Mumbai to Coimbatore flights is the best choice for you in all aspects. It will save you some valuable time without burning a hole in your pocket.