Hyderabad and Mumbai both are metropolises of India and both are also capital cities of Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra respectively. Both these cities are also major tourist attractions of India since they are also the hubs of economic and technological activities. While Hyderabad is first growing as an important technological hub of the country, Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. Hyderabad is also famous for its film industry, and the multi ethnic city life, Mumbai is known for bollywood as well.

Domestic Flights Tickets India

The distance between Mumbai and Hyderabad is around 710 km. Both the cities are connected to each other by road, air and railway. But the easiest way to travel to and from Hyderabad is to travel by air which saves you a lot of time on your part. There are several Hyderabad to Mumbai flights that frequent from the new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport of Hyderabad to the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai every day.

Of course the air travel is only chosen by the business travelers mainly. But since with the advent of the different low cost airliners, there are now several such airlines that offers discounted tickets and also the budget tickets, there are also many leisure travelers and tourists who are choosing the air travel since it falls well within the limitations of the budget for travel expenses. Of course it is needless to say that air travel saves you a lot of time although it can be expensive, but nowadays, the air tickets are priced only as high as a first class train ticket and thus it is much more affordable for people of all classes and statures.

Flights from Hyderabad are frequent to the rest of the country and also other parts of the world and thus if it suits your budget, why wouldn’t you choose air travel by opting for the flights from Hyderabad.