Both Chennai as well as Bangalore are two bustling cities located in the state of Tamil Nadu. While Chennai is the capital of Tamil Nadu, Bangalore is one of the four major metropolitan cities of India. Both these cities have one thing in common and that is in terms of private companies having offices in these two cities. There are many private companies; especially software companies that have their offices in both these cities of located in the southern part of India. Apart from offices, there are many tourists too who visit these two cities every year. To serve tourists as well as working professionals commuting between these two cities there are Chennai to Bangalore flights.

The distance between these two cities is very less and it takes around only an hour to reach Bangalore form Chennai via flights. With such small distance there is also the option of trains and buses available that you can avail as well. But if you can avail cheap domestic flights in India that would take you to your destination faster, why settle for the time taking bus or the stressful train? There are many flight operators offering flights between these two cities and there are many flights transporting passengers throughout the day as well. Hence you would not have any problem getting a seat on one of the Chennai to Bangalore flights anytime.

Air India

There are flights offered by Air India, Jet Airways, IndiGo and SpiceJet. Depending on the flight schedules as well as the flight fares on offer, you can choose a flight that would suit your requirements as well as budget. With the high level of competition in the aviation industry you would surely get your flight reservation to or from Chennai and Bangalore at an affordable cost, even if you are unable to book in advance.