Bangalore is a city of sophistication, rapid growth and a priceless asset for the state of Karnataka. Bangalore is not just capital of Karnataka but is actually heart of it. The city is the IT hub in Karnataka and is possibly the busiest metropolitan city here. Just as Bangalore is capital of Karnataka, we have Delhi as capital of India. Both the cities have some distinct features and are significant for India in various aspects, so travel ling between these two cities becomes important. So due to the growing airline industries in India, one can easily catch Bangalore to Delhi flights. There are also readily available flights from Bangalore to any other city, and all this due to online bookings.

Unlike Bangalore’s sophisticated and sober life, Delhi is not so delicate. Delhi is crazy, Delhi is loud, Delhi is hard rock fun, and Delhi is where you could explore the new horizons of independence. Delhi is a city that will let you go deeper into the culture and heritage of India. It has got so many places that are heritage sites like the Humayu’s Tomb which is a beautiful manifest of the Mughal architecture along with garden and green patches around it and has been quite a bit inspired from the structure of Taj Mahal. Also we have the very famous monument of Qutub Minar which is yet another wonder from the Mughal period. It basically is a pillar/tower which is very heighted like of 70 meters and then in the surrounding area there are also mosques that beautifully represent the Indian as well as Muslim art as they are made from used materials from the Hindu Temples. Also Qutub Minar’s Alai-Darwaza Gate is very famous.

Then you’re next stop in your heritage journey should be the monument of Red Fort. The Red Fort used to be the capital of Emperor Shah Jahan and was a monument representing the wealth and pride in the Mughal period because of its architectural significance including Persian, Timurid and Hindu cultural aspects. Then you can also visit the famous Jama Masjid, again built by Shah Jahan and this mosque turns out to be the largest mosque in India with three gates, four towers and minarets carved out of materials like sandstone and white marble. When getting into the mosque one can dress up into the robes to get some local flavor. Also we have India that is heart of Delhi and has been one of the national monumental heritages. There is also ‘Amar Jawan’ at the India Gate which is a tribute symbol for the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the country. Then you can also visit Birla Mandir, Purana Quila, Jantar Mantar, etc. one can also have a gala time in Delhi by means of partying and of course shopping.

So, catch your flights from Bangalore as your Bangalore to Delhi flights are waiting to take you to an amazing tour.