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Mumbai-it is the city that never sleeps. Mumbai is not just capital of Maharashtra but also the commercial capital of India, that’s because all the prominent industries, corporate offices reside here. We also have the famous bollywood and televisions stars living here. Apart from the wealth and the popularity Mumbai also provides you with finger licking cuisine. The famous dishes here are ‘Vada Pav’, Pav bhaji’, ‘Misal Pav’, all the street food with stuff like ‘Pani puri’ and ‘Sev Puri’ and also the ‘Cutting chai’. Just like Mumbai we have the city of Indore with such vibrant and fun environment. So commuting between these cities is important with a tourism perspective. But nowadays you can easily get Mumbai to Indore flights and as Mumbai is commercial capital there is flight from Mumbai for any other city too.

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Indore is one of the important cities of Madhya Pradesh and ranks second when it comes to largest cities in Madhya Pradesh. The city of Indore is settled towards the southern regions of the Malwa plateau and is not very far from Bhopal- capital of Madhya Pradesh. When you’re travelling or touring Indore, you will have a number of places to see. The city of Indore earlier used to be under the rule of the Holkar dynasty; the dynasty has left an amazing palace called the Lal Baugh Palace which represents their rule and their royal lifestyle. The architecture and interiors have few elements of the Buckingham palace, the palace also has a huge garden and also we have a statue of Queen Victoria at the palace. Also people interested in historic stuff could visit the Central Museum as this museum has the best depiction of the medieval and pre medieval era. One could fall in love with those historic weapons, tools, land titles with inscriptions and also the Hindu sculptures. Then we also have the Gandhi hall, yet another popular tourist stop. Also you can visit the Chhatris which are basically the burial places of the Holkars who used to be the masters of Indore. And inside the area of the Chhatris you can also visit the Rajwada which is seven floored monument that used to a prestige point for the Holkars because of the royal architecture and the fact that this place is at the center of the city.

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Another tourist stop in Indore has to be the Nehru Park which previously used to be called as the Biscow Park and was built by the British during their rule. This park is not just a simple garden but has various facilities like library, hobby center for children, toy trains and also some beautiful rose gardens. Also Indore is famous for its cuisine, for that Saraafa is your destination with best of sweets, Dahi Bade, Bhutte ka kees, Pattis, Mawa Bati and many more.

So, catch your Mumbai to Indore flights as this flight from Mumbai will take you to this colorful city of Indore.

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