I had just finished my exams, when I was called by my granny way long in Karnataka, desperately waiting for my arrival. Without wasting any time, I began my search and started covering the best bus services all over the web. I came across this Orange Tours & Travels, which offered a wide variety of options when it comes to comfort. While we moved to south, in the AC sleeper bus, the first to mark in our journey was the state of Karnataka. The Karnataka city is bordered by the Arabian Sea at the west, the Maharashtra to the north, the state of Andhra Pradesh to its east, Tamil Nadu to the south east, and Kerala to the city’s south west side. Who wouldn’t love reading at the abode of the Hubli River, which is next to granny home. I am indeed so fortunate of being a part of this place, whose name translates into sheer poetry. Hubli comes from ‘Hubbali’ which means flowering creeper, and blossomed as this city. This city is also an upcoming industrial centre. The Sakrebyle Elephant Camp is a attraction which is often visited by many and is worth too. A heritage from the Chalukyan times, the town is hardly far from Karnataka.

Ac Sleeper Bus 2

If still unsatisfied with this visit, head to the city of Bangalore, the state capital. This place, an IT hub, clean-evergreen environment, has a pleasant weather all round the year, is an English city where everyone understands the privileges they are bestowed with. The Victoria Layout and the Richmond Town are the famous avenues. Among the monuments, the prominent ones are the Tipu’s Palace, the ISKCON Temple, the Bangalore Palace, the Attara Kacheri, the Bull Temple, and the St. Mary’s Basilica.

On the coast, also known as the maritime city is a pleasant and convenient stop between Goa and Kerala. This seaport and a ship building centre has many narrow, winding streets loaded with coconut palms, beautiful beaches, temples, quaint houses, and its old world charm. Widely known this city is a great exporter of cashews, coffee and also different variety of spices. Among the religious places, the Someshwar Temple, the Mangala Devi Temple, the Kadri Manjunatha Temple, the Jumma Masjid are prominent. Among other attractions here, is the Shreemanthi Bai Memorial Government Museum with wooden carvings. If you are a nature enthusiast, the Pilikula Nisagardhama Park that is at a 12km from Mangalore has boating facilities, wildlife safari, mini aquariums and a science centre.

Overall, I definitely had a wonderful and a splendid vacation from mumbai to Karnataka, enjoying the cozy comfort in the AC sleeper bus. Henceforward I will make it a point to look forward of bus services like Orange Tours & Travels which in turn will provide me with the best experiences in my memo. Not only this place, but also think for exploring the other places of country too.