Nagpur is an important city in Maharashtra, to be called as second capital of Maharashtra and is popularly known as the ‘orange city’. Nagpur is one of the fastest growing cities in India with number of important industries, universities, tourist places, and for the fact that it has preserved the culture of Maharashtra in the best way possible. If there’s any city to be similar to the features of Nagpur, then no doubt Hyderabad is the city that takes over. The distance between these two cities is 492 kilometers, which is like 7 hours approximately. Due to online bus booking, with the help of ‘bus book online’ facility, getting a Nagpur to Hyderabad bus is just a click away.
For Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad contributes highest in terms of Gross domestic Product and even tax and revenue payment. It is the home to many leading industries. Also major universities like Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, University of Hyderabad, Gandhi Medical College, and many other universities reside in Hyderabad.

Talking about tourism in Hyderabad, Charminar is the place that comes to the minds of people. Hyderabad is known for Charminar, which was built during the period of 1500 century. The four minars (pillars) of Charminar are of the height of about 50 meters. The place is known for its architectural work, where it has around 45 prayer places and a mosque inside it. Charminar gets the best of its beauty when it is illuminated by lamps at nights; those lamps amplify its beauty to infinity, it is a not-to-miss sight for tourists.

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Hyderabad more or less depicts about the Mughal rule, which is best seen at tourist places like the Golconda Fort, where the sound and light shows are held, the Qutub Shahi Tombs, where the entire family of Qutub Shahi has been buried, the Nizam’s Silver Jubilee Museum, famous for the ancient coin collection, the Chow Mohalla Palace, which has four palaces inside it where one of them is a two storey palace and the others are single storey, the palace is huge, with greenery and even a fountain, the palace is carved beautifully to take you back in the Mughal period, and the cherry on the top turns to be interesting stories of the kings and queens who used to live in these palaces. ‘Bus book online’ service has helped a lot of tourists to book tickets with great ease and comfort.

Another attraction of Hyderabad is Birla Mandir, the temple of Lord Venkateshwara, which is made of white marble, and from this temple you can have a beautiful view of Hussain Sagar Lake, which won’t fail to blow your mind. Also you cannot miss the fun at Hussain Sagar Lake, where you can enjoy boating and water sports, with the Buddha Statue in middle of the lake. Then for getting pearls and the beautiful Hyderabadi bangles, you should head to Laad Baazar. So, the culture and the fun of Hyderabad are just seconds away with online bus booking for a Nagpur to Hyderabad Bus.

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