Pondicherry is the place to be if you are looking for some serenity and solitude during your holiday. The best way to travel to Pondicherry is via bus from Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. There is frequent service of Chennai to Pondicherry bus and the tickets can also be booked online. You can opt for the AC bus tickets as that will make your journey comfortable.

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The bus service that ferries from Chennai to Pondicherry is very cheap in terms of the tickets and the service provided is also excellent. There are several buses ferrying to and from Chennai at a frequent interval of 30 minutes. Thus finding the bus for a ride at your convenience is no big deal at all. You can opt for the bus reservation online from the comfort and the luxury of your home and get the tickets delivered to your mail id within minutes of your booking.

There are several locations from where you can board the Chennai to Pondicherry bus. The choice of bus coaches is also great ranging from the regular to the Volvo, AC and the non AC etc. The AC bus tickets are well within the affordable range. Once you hop on to the bus for a ride, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Chennai in the form of palm, banana and the coconut trees, the coastal landscapes and also the Bay of Bengal. The highway through which the bus travels is very well maintained and thus the journey is a smooth one.

Pondicherry is a unique place, just perfect for a visit, especially if you are spiritual in nature. The climate in Pondicherry is always soothing at a range of below 30 degrees all throughout the year. The place is located in three states, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Tamil Nadu which makes it a geographically wonderful place. It used to be a French colony earlier and at present is one of the union territories of India. The life style of the people still shows some connection to the French till date via the architecture and the culture of the place. The museum at Pondicherry is also a big attraction for the tourists visiting from the rest of the world. A part of the museum is dedicated to the archaeological findings from Arikamedu, which were originally of the roman settlement and another part of the museum boasts of an excellent sculpture gallery.

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There is also a French segment inside the museum that talks about the history of the French colony in Pondicherry. There is also an amazing collection of the snail shells from Pondicherry in the museum. Pondicherry is well connected with the rest of India but the best way to travel to this place is via the bus service. It is easy to opt for the bus reservation online and since the bus service is frequent, there are ample AC bus tickets available. Thus it is really not a big deal to travel to Pondicherry this summer.